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DEVICT Fishing Robot

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It’s an intelligent technology product which integrated GPS and sonar fish-finder functions. All the instant information could be showing on the tablet pc or smartphone screen. When it installed on DEVICT bait boat, you can feel fishing in the lake, river, reservoir or in the sea, it seems so easy to control the bait boat and fishing become so happy & successful! You can feel, everything controlled on your hand!

  • Cruise Function:Cruise system include GPS system, electronic compass and gyroscope to realize control the boat with cruise functions:
    A. You can finger a position anywhere in the google map, and the boat can go directly to this position automatically.
    B. After finish baiting, only press one key on the tablet pc or smartphone or on the remote, the boat could back to the original HOME spot.
    C. Once any signal within system lost, after 15 second, the boat will come back automatically--- You will not worry about lost your boat any more!
  • Fish-finder Function:
    A.One detector is installed under the boat. It could help to find the fish in the water. When the fish found, you can hear the alarm sound and also could see the fish depth information in the water.
    B.All the information such as water depth, temperature, fish size and lake bottom situation could be display in the tablet pc or smart phone screen instantly.
  • The automatic cruise and “one-key back home” function is the bright highlights among similar product. It is also our core competitive advantage for this product.
  • The minimal error range of GPS is 1M.
  • Could record 500pcs baiting spot information, input or output them freely.
  • Display the weather information of local place or baiting spot instantly.
  • Could choose tablet pc or smartphone as you need.
  • Support IOS or Android system.

Technical Specification:

Product Name DEVICT Fishing Robot
Product Model R2.0
Map Support Google Map
Gps Accuracy ~1M

Control Range of Wirelessc  

300~500M(Influenced by weather, enviornment, remote and etc.)
Sonar Frequency 200kHZ
Sonar Depth 0.6~80M
Sonar Detector Angle 20°
Power of Control Central 6~12V (Supply by the boat battery)

gps for boats,fishing gps